Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Where’s My Tram? (cont.)

When we were last in Dijon, 2011, the city was a mess.  They were putting in two new tram lines and they decided to bite the bullet and do it all at once rather than a little at a time, figuring to get the pain of construction over quicker.  And painful it was.  But it’s done now; two shiny new tram lines, one running from the suburb of Chenove in the south, through the middle of town by the train station and ending in the northern suburbs, the other running from the train station to the east. What was once and long half-hour walk from the port to the train station (dragging your bags behind you)  or a 45 minute walk to the big marchè is now a 1.50, 5 minute tram ride. That fare is good for an hour. Two tram stops are less than 5 minutes from the port.  And if you take the northern line out past the University there’s a giant shopping mall with all the stuff you really can’t fit on a canal barge.

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