Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Time to Get Going! April 6-13

A new year beckons.....but first-

We packed the suitcases, turned the keys over to Paul and Morgan, who will be living in our house for the summer, and hit the road Wednesday afternoon; first stop Houston.

Unlike last summer's return home, the American Eagle flight left the first time and on time, landing in Houston around 8 pm.  We picked up a rental car and arrived at Cathy Jo's parents house in a north western suburb around a half hour later. Cathy Jo's dad is something of a pack rat, having accumulated several storage rooms and offices full of "geology stuff" over his career and we were there to try to sort through some of it before we headed on to Europe for the summer.  Her brother Brandt and his partner Suzie joined us Friday and Saturday for the fun.

Sunday late morning is was off on the 4 hour drive to Dallas to see Patti Hardman. It was great to catch up on all the goings on and we were surprised to learn that she's going to continue the family business for at least one more year.  Shows at the Texas State Fair in September and the Northfield Mall for Christmas are still on the agenda, although, sadly, this year missing John.

Monday afternoon is was back to Houston for one more day of organizing today and then tomorrow it's On To Venice where we'll spend 6 days before heading to the boat. The weather forecast says it's supposed to be sunny and mild the whole time we're in Italy, something of a surprise for this time of year so we're ready to get going.

Next post from Italy!

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