Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Cercy-la-Tour, Aug. 15-17

We left Fleury Sunday morning at 9. We couldn’t leave any earlier as we were tied up right above the lock and they don’t open until 9. 

The weather had definitely changed; cloudy, much cooler and windy. 9 locks and 23 k later we were tied up on the pontoon at Cercy around 3 pm.

For €8 a night we would get water and electricity. The water tank was getting a little low and the laundry basket was more than full. That was Mondays chore.

The pontoon in Cercy is actually on a small section of the canal

that is in the bed of the river Aron.

Cercy is dominated by a large statue of the Catholic Mary on a hill that overlooks the town.

There’s not much going on here. The long main street is lined by shuttered shops. We think maybe it’s proximity to the larger town of Decize has siphoned off much of the business. There is a very good boulangerie at the top of the hill, however, and a butcher close to the moorings, although as we were there Sunday and Monday, it was closed.

Looking across the bridge over the Aron River

So, laundry. The forecast showed no rain, although clouds and wind. Of course as soon as the clothes went out on the line to dry it began to sprinkle and we spent the afternoon trying to keep the stuff from a rain water rinse.

Chores complete, Monday morning we set off for the last section of the Canal du Nivernais, a major grocery shopping in Decize and a night at our usual spot on the Loire lateral canal right outside of town.


  1. I am so enjoying following your travels again, but sorry the weather isn’t up to its usual standards for you. As you know, I’ve been complaining about the lack of summer here as well. Do you think Cercy might also be quiet because of Covid? We’ve just been in Gent for a couple of days with the Hennie H and it was lovely and lively there, but I fancy not as heaving with people as usual. Just right for a misanthropist like me, in fact :)

    1. I don't think COVID has much to do with it. Those places have been closed up for some time, not recently.
      We haven't noticed much decrease in tourist traffic, just it's makeup. The French are really out and about their country. Foreign tourists not so much.
      Hireboats, camper vans, bicycle touring and just strolling about, the vast majority of what you hear is French and there are plenty of all of the above.


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