Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Search Ends, Part 1

Just a quick post because I’m using someone else’s internet.  Our offer has been accepted!  We will soon be the new owners of Oldtimer. Yes, we are going to go back to the old name.  I didn’t take a bunch of pictures but I copied these from the brokers listing sheet.

"Oldtimer" ex "Musigny"
The "Terrace." the umbrella and the table and chairs have been replaced by others.

 The galley.  That's a wood stove forward.
 The guest cabin
 The head.  Electric toilet and shower.
 The Main cabin

The wheelhouse. 

 When we return from our current boating intermission with Jenny and Adrian (Jenny’s blog is on the sidebar over there
--->), there will be much more about our history with this boat.

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