Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last Days, Part 2, July 26-Aug. 2

It just took about an hour from our bankside spot to get into our slip at the Gare, but first we had a very important stop.  Oldtimer holds about 1600 liters of fuel and the Mighty Daf has to be fed.  After lightening our wallets with about 450 liters at the fuel dock on the river, it was back into the slip. Well, not entirely.  There was a boat in the way so we had to raft alongside another boat to wait for our spot to open. That wouldn’t happen until Tuesday morning.  Monday we took a quick train ride to Dijon to pick up another rental car and do a little shopping. Back by the afternoon, the laundry and cleanup cores were waiting.  Our flight was leaving from Amsterdam on Wednesday of the following week but we’d booked our Dijon/Amsterdam train tickets for Monday the 1st because we wanted to spend Tuesday in the city to the visit the Rijksmuseum.
By the end of the week we had a pretty good handle on the chores so we took a day Thursday
to drive around Burgundy visiting the village of Musigny and Nuit-Saint-Georges.
Friday, Cathy Jo had noticed some posters in town that announced live music at the waterfront.  After dinner we took a stroll into town to see what it was about.  We really enjoyed “The Ventura’s”, a 60’s surf rock band, a tribute to the Ventures. They even played “Miserlou”! Only in France!

Saturday we completed the winterizing chores, clearing the water out of the boats system so the pipes won’t freeze and burst, antifreezing the generator and drains, and packing away the clothes and linens we’re leaving behind. Sunday morning, after stalking the village-wide garage sale (vide grenier) in St. Jean (and buying nothing), all of the outside stuff (bicycles, umbrellas, deck chairs, flagpoles, etc.) went inside, the curtains were closed, the doors locked and we said goodbye to Oldtimer until next spring.

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