Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Saturday, April 9, 2016

RIP John

I have to begin this years blog postings on a somber note.  Our friend John Hardman died last November.  
We met John and Patti after they relocated to Ventura from Dallas in the early 80's as Six Flags wanted John to produce shows at Magic Mountain. They owned Freya, a 1940's built Atkins Ingrid, a wooden sailboat. We worked on the boat's upkeep and became friends.  They moved back to Dallas in the mid 90's but we kept in touch.  A couple of years after they bought Capri, their 17 meter dutch barge, we traveled to France and spent a wonderful 10 days with them.  We were hooked!  After selling our house in Ventura we bought Odysseus and the adventure began.
About two and a half years ago John was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He was active right up to the end, having to take a couple days off from his show at the Texas State Fair in September when he was hospitalized with pneumonia.
Luckily we were able to see him last August on our way back from France.  We had a great time and John was his usual hilarious self.

John Hardman: master puppeteer, actor, writer, producer, boat owner and dear, dear friend.  We miss him terribly.

Don and Cathy Jo

John, Patti and Capri

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