Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Friday, September 23, 2016

Last Days, September 1-12

Thursday morning about 11:30 we were tied up in the Porta Isola, where Oldtimer will spend the winter. We started on fall chores; touchup painting and general cleaning, winterizing and finalizing plans for the new opening windows that will be installed and boat gremlins that will be chased while we’re gone. Monday we took the train into Maastricht to pick up a rental car we could use for the week. Monday night we picked up Harvey from Hoop Doet Loeven who is now in a Maasbracht boatyard waiting for a haulout and survey. His partner Sandra said no way was she staying in the boatyard so she decamped for Boston over the weekend. He brought a bottle of fine burgundy we could drink with our duck breast dinner. Got to empty out the refrigerator, right? Wednesday we turned the boat around so the starboard side paint could be touched up and, since we were going to have to turn the boat back around anyway, we invited the Engelen family for a boat ride (We stayed at their B&B when we came looking for boats last year. We’ve kept in touch.). We figured since we had to start the engine anyway we might as well take a little cruise and it was a beautiful day.

Mirjam and Fleur seated, Koen at the wheel with Stijn, and Cathy Jo’s back, or course!

We thought we must have been in some other country because, except for a little night time shower one day during the week, the weather was nearly perfect the whole time we were in the Netherlands.

Sunday we emptied the water tanks, turned off all the electrics, locked the doors and loaded our (now much lighter) suitcases in the dock cart and headed off to Maastricht. Monday morning we’d turn the car in and catch the train. Off to Paris we went!

All locked up and ready for the Dutch winter.

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