Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Getting Ready

We begin again...

We arrived in Houston from Los Angeles on Tuesday. We're spending a week with Cathy Jo's dad. Her mother passed away this past February from complications of  bypass surgery performed in September shortly after we returned from the Netherlands. There is alot of sorting and organizing to do so we're lending a hand.
On Monday Air France will whisk us off to Paris and on to Dusseldorf, Germany. From there it's only a little over an hour's drive to Oldtimer.

The pic is from Google Earth. At the bottom of the middle finger
on the right side is Oldtimer in her winter home!

Plans for this year (I know, I know. Remember last year....) have us heading into the wilds of Belgium, revisiting Ghent and Brugges along with other highlights from our 2008 trip through the country as well as some new areas, like the Dender River . We'll be reentering France near Dunkirk and then travel south to the Somme River, then head east. All of this, of course, subject to change or whim. And (cough, Debbie, cough) you can follow along on the excellent map of the Belgian canals over there-->.

Follow along virtually or, better yet, come visit!


  1. I'm not sure if we'll be heading past Maastricht yet - after all we are a few days from deciding which way we should head back to Lagarde, but if we do we'll see if we can find you!

    Use the "Get in Touch" link a the top of our Fading Memories to send an email!

    Cheers, Peter

    Wow - no robots text!

    1. What a delightful find your blog is John - "straight to the pool room". Thanks Don and Cathy for providing the meeting place.

  2. Hi Don and Cathy, we'll be taking the latter part of your route from July to September, starting at Diksmuide and ending at Toul. Your 2008 cruise was already on my list to mine for information! I suspect we might be ahead of you but we'll certainly "follow along virtually" to see where you are when we start.

  3. Hello Ian-

    At our speed you might be right! We'll keep in touch over the summer and see if we can't meet up.



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