Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Monday, May 8, 2017

In Blauvwe Kei, May 3-7

We were moored right where the Beverlo Canal meets the Zuidwillemsvaart and I swear we saw about a thousand cyclists cross over that bridge, some of the pelotons must have held 20 riders or more. The is a lot of bike riding going on here! It’s very flat forest and fields and, with spring just sprung and the trees just leafing out, beautiful (when the sun shines!).

This is a bike path map of the approximately 20 square mile area around Blauvwe Kei. 
Some of those are designated, mostly paved, bike paths. 
Others are designated lanes along country roads; all excellently signed.
Blauvwe Kei is at crossroads #268, right about in the middle.

The only drawback was the weather. It continued to be pretty cold and very gray. Daytime high temps were in the mid 50’s and lows in the very low 40’s; not great for Californians. But still we persisted.
Wednesday we traveled east to Lommel, Thursday it was west to Mol, both beautiful, if cold, rides. 
Finally, Saturday was sunny and warm. That was the day we headed north along the Turnhout canal to visit the abbey at Postel, much of the cycling through the woods. At the abbey we bought some cheese and speculoos (spice cookies; great with coffee!) but we passed on the beer and the creme derierre, even though we’re a little saddle sore from the bike riding!

Finally a day to celebrate the sunshine!

Sunday morning it was off down the canal, next stop Herentals.

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