Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bergues, France, June 3 and 4

Three opening bridges, one lock and about 30 k after leaving Veurne, Begium we were tied up under the city walls of Bergues, France. The walls, begun in the 9th century and greatly improved until the ubiquitous Vauban finished them in the 19th century, are still almost completely intact, complete with guard towers and gates. The Google Earth picture gives you a great overview of the town.

You can see a couple of boats in the halte in the upper left.

We pulled in Friday and, as usual made out way to the tourist office. Informed there would be a big brocante sale on Sunday, we made plans to stay. It would all sork out just fine because we could then travel back to Veurne on Monday to arrive in time for the flower market there.

The halte is very picturesque. There is a pontoon with room for about three boats but it was full when we arrived. Luckily, there are a couple of smaller stone quays, one of which fit us perfectly.

Bergues has a pretty big resident population of geese. During the daytime they hang out just outside the city walls at one end of the halte, occasionally deciding to cross the road to get at the grass on the 
other side and causing monumental traffic jams.

In the evening, they parade down the canal to wherever it is they go at night; around the corner and out of sight.

We spent Friday and Saturday just wandering around the town, taking the Ramparts Walk and the Guided City Walk.

And of course, climbing the belfort for a view of the city from above.

Sunday was the big sale. Usually the brocante sales are semi-professional antiques dealers with all manner of interesting things spread out on tables along the streets. This turned out to be more of a vide grenier, with everybody in town emptying out their closets and storage spaces trying to sell it all off. We spent a couple of hours wandering about but didn’t find anything to buy. We did find a good frites stand, though. Their version of the American (baguette with a sausage and frites stuffed inside) didn’t have the frites inside the baguette, just on the side as it should be. We’ve never been able to figure out why piling the fries inside the baguette is considered American.

We wanted to be back in Veurne early enough to take in the flower market so we shoved off a little before 9 in the morning. Luckily the lock and two lifting bridges on the French side were a model of efficiency (!) and we were tied up on a free mooring we found in Veurne, just before the Ieperbrug about 1 pm, plenty of time to walk into town and enjoy the market.

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