Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Down the Moselle, May 4 to 6

It takes going through 2 lift bridges, one very deep lock and one smaller one and about two hours, to reach the Moselle River from Nancy. We then turned north, heading down the river for our first stop on the way to Metz, the town of Pont a Mousson. Manhole covers all over northern France carry the name of the big foundry that used to operate here. Now the town features and beautiful arcaded town “square” (that’s really a triangle) and a beautifully restored cathedral and abbey that is now used as an event center.

The bridge over the river was replaced after being destroyed in WW II. 
It leads from the center of town to the Eglise Saint-Martin.

The Abbaye des Prémontrés

We found a very nice wild mooring just outside of town. Though not strictly permitted, nobody bothered us for the Friday and Saturday nights we were there and we had a great view of the wildflowers out the window.

Cathy Jo admires the barbecued chicken on tonight’s menu.

Saturday was pretty busy in town. There was a giant youth rugby tournament that brought busses full of players from around the area and the square featured the first day of a “beach” volleyball tournament, complete with imported sand. We thought of entering “Team Oldtimer” but then quickly came to our senses. 

Sunday morning we set off for the 4 hour trip to our next stop, Metz.


  1. I’ve read two posts in one here. Nancy sounds an interesting place to visit with all its Art Nouveau. I like it too and France has quite a lot, especially in the northern areas. Isn’t it funny how everything shuts so completely on French public holidays? The Moselle looks lovely. Koos would be interested to see those manhole covers. He has taken a series of photos of such covers all over Europe!

  2. Nancy was really erie on May 1.
    The Moselle is a very nice river, esoecially when the weather is nice!
    Hope you had a great time in Belgium. When I get caught up there will be a post about France's Plan Incliné, the boat lift in Alsace.


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