Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Time for a New Chart

We’ve moved on to a new chart which you can download here and a while ago we settled on a spot for Oldtimer to spend the winter; Briare.

On the chart we begin this part of the summer trip in Saint Jean de Losne, on the top of the orange line all the way on the right side about halfway down the page; a biggish river with big river locks. Heading south to Chalon sur Saone we will turn right onto the Canal du Centre, the green line heading vaguely northwest and then south again, through Digoin where we will join the Canal Lateral a la Loire to Decize. We'll then travel north on the Canal du Nivernaise. At Auxerre we’re on and off the Yonne River until we meet up with the Seine. Heading downstream for about 15 k to St. Mammes, we will turn left onto the Canal du Loing and the Canal du Briare and into Briare. We plan to be in Briare sometime around the first of September as we’d like to take a car trip to Brittany before our flight back to the US on Sept 18 but, as usual, plans are made in jello so we’re being flexible.

Each of those little “V’s” is a lock. When you’re looking at the pointy end you’re going down. Heading toward the open end you’re in the “more work” direction, up.

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