Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fleury, July 8 and 9

Two years ago on our way up the Canal Lateral a la Loire we stopped for lunch in a lock, not something that is usually allowed. It turned out the lock keeper and her husband rented the old lock house and her husband had spent quite a bit of time in the US. We got to talking and it turned out that during his travels he had been to a very small town in northern New Mexico that we had visited on one of our road trips, Pie Town. The lock is forever marked on our chart as “Mr. Pie Town.”
When we pulled into lock #10, Rosiére, earlier in the month, who should be there to help operate it but Mssr. Pie Town. During our chat we mentioned that we’d be heading up the Nivernais and he told us to make sure we stopped at Fleury.

Sunday morning, after a brutal two hours of travel and three locks, by 11 am we were tied up in the village and it was everything we were told. A section of the river was dammed to make a nice swimming beach right next to the canal and there was a little cafe just across the bridge. Being Sunday, we thought lunch was in order so off to the cafe we went. Grabbing a table on the terrace, we asked for the menu and were informed that today’s lunch was a cured ham and melon salad followed by a ham omelette; along with a half liter of rosé, good simple food. After the meal, a homemade apple crumble for dessert and coffee, we waddled back to the boat for a rest and digestion. Then, off to the beach!
The weather was starting to warm up and so the swimming was a real pleasure. 

Not many people in the water now but it was very busy later.

Kids are gonna do what kids do; jump off the bridge.

Monday before it warmed up we cycled a few kilometers up the canal to scout ahead then on the way back climbed the hill to the village of Biches. We found a U-pick vegetable farm but it’s still a little early for the good tomatoes. We did pick up a few things. 

This is not from some hip hop song. We’re leaving the village.

We filled out the day with more swimming and a few chores but mostly just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful spot .
Tuesday morning it was off to our next stop, Châtillon en Bazois.

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