Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Friday, November 2, 2018

Final Days, Sept. 15-18

We were on the final push to get Oldtimer ready for the winter but that didn’t prevent us from having a little fun. One day after our chores were complete we drove down to Genelard on the Canal Lateral a la Loire. Carmen, of Beauregard fame earlier in the summer on the Canal du Nivernais, had finally been joined by her husband Roger. We wanted to meet the mystery man so we took off one afternoon and joined them for a glass of wine (or two) and an apertif.
Mostly it was chores: cleaning, more cleaning, laundry, changing engine fluids and filters and more cleaning.
By Sunday, all was complete. It was off to the Hotel du Rivage in Gien for the night, followed on Monday by a train ride to Paris and the RER to the area around Charles de Gaulle Airport. We had booked a night at a hotel in the nearby village of Roissy that was on the shuttle line to and from the airport. We assume many airport workers live in the village which features several giant generic hotels and lots of small restaurants. We had a stroll around the very pleasant town and a nice meal in the evening. 
Tuesday morning it was off to the airport for the flight home; this time the train and plane travel going off without a hitch, in contrast to our trip over in April.
By Tuesday afternoon we were on the ground again on the freeway back to Ventura, another season complete.


  1. What a wonderful summer you must seem strange to be back in California again after so any months of living life in the slow lane! So what is on the cards for the winter?

    1. We've been trying to work our way in slowly. We had to take care of Cathy Jo's remaining clients as soon as we returned and there were a couple of messages on my phone when we landed about little pick up jobs for me.
      We did manage a couple of short camping trips; one up the coast through Big Sur and another to the Mojave Desert.
      Cathy Jo is now visiting her dad in Houston and I'm off to one of those jobs for a week starting Wed.
      The weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm, in contrast to what you're having. We're hoping for rain, though. It's time!


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