Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Saint Victor, June 23-28

All of the forecasts said it was going to be very hot for the next week or so all across Europe. Near 100º F when living in a metal box is not fun! We needed shade and swimming. Luckily we knew just the place. About 20k and 21 locks down the canal from Vandenesse was a place we had stayed in once before, Saint-Victor-sur-Ouche. There are a few bollards along the bank under the trees, trees on the other side of the canal and a very nice swimming hole in the River Ouche right by the canal. Consequently, we had shade until 2:30 pm and then again after 7 pm and we just had to go back to the lock and cross the bridge for some wonderful cool swimming. And we had the moorings to ourselves, although we wouldn’t have minded a little socializing.
It was still cool in the mornings so the routine was to go for a little cycling/sightseeing until lunch, rest, then head for the water. There was a boulangerie just 3 k back up the canal in La Bussière so we were all set.
One morning we cycled/walked up to a viewpoint above the Ouche valley. We really liked the name of the village, St.-Jean-le-Boeuf, and the view was amazing.

Another morning we cycled back up to Pont d’Ouche. We still haven’t managed to have anything at the little cafe there; it’s always closed when we arrive. We also cycled down to our next stop, Banet, just checking things out.
Tuesday our view across the canal was obstructed by a large group of camping cars that decided to spend a couple of days in the parking area of the swimming hole. They didn’t cause a real problem but they did leave a big mound of trash when they left. We did not appreciate that!

As for the swimming…it was great. I did take a picture after everybody had gone home for the day. It’s 8-10 ft. deep after the shallow part. There’s great cannonball diving from that tree on the right.

Wednesday was particularly hot. 

I posted the pic of 0 earlier, might as well post 40! That’s 104º F.

One group of local “yoots” who’d been hanging out by the river all week decided to set up tents and spend the night “camping out.” Of course their parents brought dinner. And, being French, they had to start a fire (!). They crashed out pretty early but told us the next day they didn’t get much sleep. They left early in the afternoon and our last night there, Thursday, was very quiet.
Friday, despite it still being very warm, we decided to move on to our next stop, Banet.

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  1. The hot spells have been intense, haven’t they? I expect you’ve had more than we have, but even here in NL, it’s reached 40C this week. That water looks lovely. Why oh why do people leave heaps of litter to foul up the country. That makes me spit!


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