Canal du Centre

Canal du Centre

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Port of Roanne

The Port at Roanne has become a very popular home port for a number of boats over the past few years. Oldtimer spent several years here with it’s previous owners so we were not exactly strangers. At least the boat wasn’t. 
There is a lively crowd that meets regularly in a bar across the street and we met up with several people we hadn’t seen in years. Peter Todd, who helped us pull Odysseus along the canal back to St. Symphorien after the engine failed the first time in 2010, and Tom and Laurel Herriot whom we met in Decize and other stops along the Nivernais in 2009. We also saw Tom and Carol Cason who had the wedding on Vivante last year in Dijon. New acquaintances included Paul and Susan Mitchell on Gulliver with whom we shared many friends from the old wooden sailboat days in southern California and Jeff and Mary Neil on Festina Tard√®, regular fonts of local knowledge. We had a great time our four days in port.

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